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Deep Music Production ( DMP) : 


Happy to announce our official production page is on... it’s finally rollin with all your blessings and support !! THANK YOU 


Deep Music Production (DMP) is the Audio and video production house owned and run by bollywood playback Singer Deep Bhowmick. Deep is one of Delhi’s leading R’n’B (Rhythm ‘N Blues) artists and vocalists who kicked off his musical career in way back in 2001 at the age of 16 after he emerged as one of the winners for MTV’s first India based Musical reality shows named ‘’Gao Baby Gao”...

 He is also the founder owner of Delhi's most happening alternate Sufi Rock and western Band "MADAARI”. With a whole bunch of Senior musicians all across India who have worked in Various Bollywood Projects and films like '' Mere Brother Ki Dulhaan” starring Katrina Kaif, Director Ali Abbas and many others ''The Band MADAARI'' is spreading its musical madness across globe for last 10 long years... In 2018 he was awarded for best Music Director by London Film Festival for the background scoring of his first Documentary film..


The production house DMP is currently situated in South Delhi and is associated with 2 other branches one in Kolkata and Mumbai.. Either you are a aspiring singer /Performer who wants to make a mark in the industry with some professional music video and audio Or either you are veteran artist who looking to take it up to the next level - YOUR ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR making a good Music Track along with a Professional Music video ENDS HERE ! 

Starting from making a cover track , a minus track , a fully original track or composing a new track from the scratch along with lyrics- We can do It All for you . All extremely talented and proffessional musicians/ artists / Lyricists Recordists and arrangers who worked with us always showed the way as it was always meant to be ... In our way .. for the Love of MUSIC… 






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For concert bookings or business queries pls write to us in our official mail above Or Call

@ +9953171033 ( worldwide) . 


 Instruments and Gadgets We  Use :

Blue Blueberry Condensor Mic , Hartke Tube Head Guitar Amp , Hartke Bass Ibanez MZ3550 Prestige Electric Guitar , Washburn N1 EG, Taylor 210 Electro Acoustic , Faith Electro Acoustic Venus , TC Electronic Pedals , Kala Electro Ukulele , Korg PA -50 Keyboard , MacBook Pro , Garageband , ProTools , AVID Card , Canon T4i, Canon 5D , Sony A6500 , FCP X Video Edit Tool , Adobe PP.


The Team :

PRATIK DANGE :  Lyricist ,Writer for DMP - Pune , Mumbai  


A phenomenal writer and lyricist from Pune who not only put his thoughts into simple words but also takes the entire concept in a different world with his word power and creativity...  

His  selection of words and range leave the listeners spellbound and aims at presenting a unique style of Indian and fusion blending together with world of music..

He has joined the team in 2018 . 

SHIVAM GUPTA   :  Sound Engineer, Arranger for DMP - Kolkata 


A phenomenal musician and and a masterclass pianist and sound engineer . And his beatboxing creates a new groove in all tracks . His sense of music always blend with the flavour of Indie Pop and Indian Fusion . Be it Electronica , EDM , Simple Bolly or Jazz his arrangements are always on top notch and as per the industry standard . He has become the intrigal part of DMP since  2018 . 


PURAB CHAKRABORTY  :  Audio Production  for DMP - Kolkata 


One of the backbone of our production team . A phenomenal musician and and a masterclass pianist and arranger . His sense of music always surprise us  . Be it Electronica , EDM , Simple Bolly or Jazz his arrangements are always gives a new flavour to the track . He has become the intrigal part of DMP from 2016 . 


ANKITA BHATIA :  Lyricist ,Writer for DMP - Delhi 


A phenomenal writer and lyricist who has a tremendous knowledge of Urdu language as well modern Hindi . Her selection of words and range leave the listeners spellbound and aims at presenting a unique style of Indian and Sufi; blending together with world fusion...

She has became an intrigal part of Deep Music Production since 2016. 

VIMAL RAWAT :  Keys , Pianist for DMP - Delhi 


Most people use music as a couch,  they want to be pillowed on it, relaxed and consoled for the stress of daily living. But serious music was never meant to be soporific.

In his words Life is like a piano... What you get out of it depends on how you play it...One of the top pianist of India who's musical touch has no boundaries, here's presenting Vimal Rawat...

Vimal and DMP work closely to make great music and it is incontestable that their music induces in people a sense of the infinite and the contemplation of the invisible...

Rhea Rose Gracias : Western Vocalist ,Keyboardist, Pianist - Goa 


Singer and songwriter Rhea was born and brought up in Goa. A learned vocalist of western classics, blessed with a dynamic voice and the ability to give life to music, she’s an example of a true musician. She is also a 5th grade Pianist from Trinity; her hands also roll over the piano and keyboard mesmerising the world...

The Fusion jugalbandi between Deep and Rhea, has got them attention from all the corners and won respect from a varied veteran jury.  

She's been playing a vital role in DMP since 2013 .


Arnab Bhattacharya:  Drums / Tabla/ Percussions - Delhi 


Arnab is an absolute groove machine. Like his passion for music, Arnab’s achievements started at a very young age. He has had the humble pleasure to work with, Shivamani a master percussionist, Pandit Birju Maharajji, a world-renowned kathak dancer. Arnab is a ‘VISHARAD’ in Tabla, he also plays drums and make melody even from mundane beats...!!

His tabla playing gave a special touch in  the Bengali album released by DMP in 2014 . 

TAPAN DEY  : Guitar , Bass For  DMP - Delhi 


Dimpled Tapan  is the guy you seek when your ‘spirits’ are low – literally as well as metaphorically. He will valiantly come to your rescue, anyday , anytime… Cross-legged, bandanna in place, he sinks gracefully into the ‘hot seat’.. And then all hell breaks loose. With immense talent Tapan  composes the lyrics for the band and has added his key tones to many of our private albums... He Joined the Team in 2016 . 


This Could Be YOU :  If you have the zeal and zest , if you play any istrument /Vocal  and really want to make it BIG and take it to the next step please write to us along with your video . Your simple musical touch can play an important role in any of our upcoming project .  So don't wait and send your profile ..



Apart from the above, there are many friends and well wishers , who have never batted an eyelid before saying yes and have rendered their helping hand whenever we needed them.

Special thanks to Sandipan Choudhury (lyricist), Sunny (Recordist-Arranger), Amit Mohan (Photo editor), Shashank (DOP), Bharat (DOP), Heena (Cast), Madhu (Costume Design), Akhilesh (Keyboardist); for playing the core role in DMP in all its projects..

We thank all of you from core of our heart and without you Deep Music Production (DMP) would just have remained a dream.. but your efforts have shown it the light of the day !!!


                                                                                                       -  Deep Bhowmick  (Director- DMP